Candidate for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner-At-Large

By Minnesota state law, a maximum donation of $250 in a non-electtion year and $1000 during an election year can be made during the course of one year. Donations of $100 or more require name, address, occupation and employer.

Why a Vote for Meg is a Value-Added Vote

  • She is passionate about Parks.
  • She has proven commitment.
  • She practices public service.
  • She jumps in with both feet.
  • She finds creative solutions.
  • She is a team player.
  • She sees the big picture.
  • She listens before she acts.

It’s time for Meg Forney as your Commissioner-At-Large of our Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board!

Not a single-issue, agenda-driven advocate but one who sees tremendous opportunities, not overwhelming problems

I have steadfastly worked on civic committees and projects because I am committed to the quality of life that defines this city.


Welcome to the Park Board Candidate Survey for the Voices for Racial Justice, Pollen Midwest and Rhymesayers Entertainment 2017 Minneapolis Voter Guide

Tell us about yourself:
Name: Meg Forney
Pronouns: She/her/hersName*

Party Affiliation: DFL

I’m running for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Commissioner-at-Large

What endorsements have you received?

Womenwinning, labor

Do you own or rent your home?


What is your favorite album?

Reminiscing after Tom Petty’s death about Traveling Wilbury’s, an example of great talent collaborating without their names in the lights.

Why are you running for office?

In my 1st term, I have paved the way to take clear steps: To reduce barriers to park access for all, To bring families & kids closer to our parks by continuing to secure parks & trails along the Mississippi for No & NE residents as well as make connections into those communities, To build a park system for future generations by expanding public/not-for-profit partnerships to bring new funding in to maintain our parks thus limit the burden on taxpayers, while ensuring open space for all residents

What’s your favorite things about the Minneapolis Parks?

OPEN SPACE and that our forefathers and mothers had the vision to set aside these rich natural amenities for all

What impact have the parks had on your life?

Parks’ open space defines the quality of life in Minneapolis, after all it is a city in a park.

How do you plan to engage with and be held accountable by community once you are elected?

I show up, listen and engage. Being present in the present is the most accountable method I actively use.

The Issues

What are the most important issues in the Minneapolis parks right now?

To reduce barriers to park access for all

Will you support a significant investment into youth development and childcare programs in neighborhood rec center?

YES, I look forward to the crafting of our RecQuest vision by the community, for the community.

Where will you shift money in the MPRB budget to increase funding for youth development?

Utilizing the same resources, MPRB’s data driven matrixes will enable us to redirect processes & leverage inclusionary benefits for all.

How will you increase access to free and affordable childcare programs?

Leveraging resources through partnerships like the Minneapolis Schools is critical for equitable programming.

What policies will you change to better support staff of color at the Minneapolis Park Board?

MPRB’s recent change to The Rule of 3 is an example of lifting barriers for advancement. Continued clarity and transparency for all staff in their career tracking.

What policy changes at the park board do you think are most urgent?

  • Improving park access for all families.
  • Expanding the community engagement process.
  • Protecting and expanding equitable funding for parks.

What can you do as a park commissioner to prevent displacement from the Upper Harbor Terminal Development?

The ultimate displacement of the current toxic industries adjacent to the Mississippi River is essential for environmental justice. The health disparities resulting from the industrial air, water and soil pollutants in North Minneapolis are unacceptable. Yet, displacement of immediate residents is avoidable. I will advocate for a mixed-income neighborhood structure.

Anything else you want people to know?

I was one of the lead Park Commissioners in securing $220 million for our neighborhood parks and that money will be directed first toward racially concentrated areas of poverty. I ask for your support to return me to the office to continue the stewardship of reducing barriers to park access, protecting equitable funding for neighborhood parks, ensuring families in our most vulnerable communities have high-quality parks for years to come. I ask for your #1 vote.