Candidate for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner-At-Large

By Minnesota state law, a maximum donation of $250 in a non-electtion year and $1000 during an election year can be made during the course of one year. Donations of $100 or more require name, address, occupation and employer.

Why a Vote for Meg is a Value-Added Vote

  • She is passionate about Parks.
  • She has proven commitment.
  • She practices public service.
  • She jumps in with both feet.
  • She finds creative solutions.
  • She is a team player.
  • She sees the big picture.
  • She listens before she acts.

It’s time for Meg Forney as your Commissioner-At-Large of our Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board!

Not a single-issue, agenda-driven advocate but one who sees tremendous opportunities, not overwhelming problems

I have steadfastly worked on civic committees and projects because I am committed to the quality of life that defines this city.

I believe in the egalitarian access to our parks, void of barriers: physical as well as social, economic, cultural and political. As a Metropolitan Council Appointee to the SouthWest Light Rail Transit (SW LRT), I have advocated for stronger access to and from our Park amenities that are safe, welcoming, and seamless. My representative work on the Above the Falls Committee translated into more open space for the riverfront, thereby, enhancing our north and northeast communities. Likewise, the Midtown Greenway, on whose original Board I served, has delivered to underserved mid-city users of the system an extensive alternative venue.

I will combine my passion for parks with what I have learned about efficiency and effectiveness from working with city, county, state and business groups. I will be fervent in seeking additional, alternative funding to maintain our #1 status, ensuring financial sustainability to continue to provide access to all. I will continue to build bridges through collegial relationships with multi-jurisdictions to solve problems together.

I will continue to advocate for the quality of life in Minneapolis that our Park System provides. My passion and leadership during 35 years of civic service has been to continue the tradition of providing green and open space for our urban livability. Each resident of Minneapolis is within six blocks of a park - my goal is to enhance these assets by breaking the barriers that exclude some from the use and enjoyment of our park system. Equity in our city is critical for it to grow and all to prosper.